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Author Talks -- Vivian Conan: Losing the Atmosphere & Esther Amini: Concealed: Memoir of a Jewish-Iranian Daughter Caught Between the Chador and America - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
Thank you all so much for being here!
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
Of course!
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
Please write any questions or thoughts you have for Vivian in the chat!
sandi morrof
Don't you realize the laps in time when you revert to the second personality?
Bella Davis, DOROT MSW intern
Thank you so much for your question, Sandi. We will make sure to raise this with Vivian at the end
Kathleen Steed
As someone who had a different kind of traumatic childhood, this is too difficult to listen to. I am leaving.
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
We completely understand and appreciate your honestly, Kathleen. Thank you for telling us.
sandi morrof
don't we all even at our current age have to talk to our inner child as a child in order to change a desire to act in a certain way or stop feeling a certain feeling.
Bella Davis, DOROT MSW intern
Thank you for sharing this point, Sandi
sandi morrof
please bring this up to the group and Ms. Amini. Thanks Sandi
Anne Plotkin
I am Vivian’s cousin and would like to say a few things about how she is now with our family.
Bella Davis, DOROT MSW intern
We will make sure to raise this point at the end of the program. Thank you Sandi!