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Author Talks -- Vivian Conan: Losing the Atmosphere & Esther Amini: Concealed: Memoir of a Jewish-Iranian Daughter Caught Between the Chador and America - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
Thank you all so much for being with us today.
Susan Karp
How did your parents get along, since they were total opposites
Bella Davis DOROT MSW Intern
Thank you so much for your question, Susan! We will make sure to ask Esther at the end!
Elizabeth Kohl
Sorry I entered after starting. Are the values of both worlds the same and if so what are the similarities? Do you or your brothers embrace these two sides today? The newer Koran’s I am told are different from the Koran of the 1930’s, do you have any knowledge of this? Any thoughts for the future, for bridging and uniting?
Heda Silverstein
What a difference between your city and Hamadan where my friend grew up with a very dynamic Jewish community at the same period of time
Susan Karp
Do those communities live with the old traditions or are they integrated into the larger communities?
Bella Davis DOROT MSW Intern
Thank you so much for everyone for your engagement and meaningful questions. We will make sure to ask Esther at the end.
Susan Karp
That's the 200,000 year history of how men have tried to control women, via one cultural way or another.
Susan Karp
What was your father's occupation?
Sarie Monieson, DOROT (she/her/hers)
You can purchase Concealed through Esther’s website — https://www.estheramini.com/concealed/. It is an incredible, powerful read. We will include this in the follow up email as well
Bella Davis DOROT MSW Intern
Thank you, Susan for your question. We will make sure to ask at the end!
Hannah Katsman
that was hysterical!